Universal Spiritual Laws

What are Universal Spiritual Laws and where did they come from?

Some call them rules, principles or truths that are unchanging, fixed and permanent. These rules cannot be altered or broken, but who says so? How many are there actually? Who decides? When I jumped into the rabbit hole of Universal Spiritual Laws and whole new world opened up, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. So I did what I always do in situations like this, I did my research and then sat quietly and waited for the answers to come. And this is what I heard:

Once we learn how to use them, we can begin to create our own realities that work for us.

We are ALL unique individuals and no two are the same, not even twins. So each experience may be different but the foundation is the same.

These Universal Laws were put into place by the Creator or Divine Intelligence, the Great Spirit, that most call “GOD”.

Nobody really knows when or where, but it is very clear that these laws are VERY powerful and operate on all levels, of all dimensions of space and time.

Once you have learned and abide by the spiritual law, it will set you free. Hidden truths will be revealed to you and you will learn how to become more spiritually aware.

Understanding Spiritual Law requires you knowing how to shift your mindset ( forget everything you’ve been taught or told), but once you do, and entirely new and different world will be revealed to you.

There are 12 Laws (or principals) that are a combination of science, spirit, and metaphysics. Keep an open mind and consider them more like guidelines that help us understand how the universal intelligence is organized. For the more science-minded out there, it may be more helpful to think of them as principles instead of laws.

The 12 Laws are:

#1: The Law of Oneness: Everything seen and unseen is connected.

#2: The Law of Vibration: Everything Vibrates.

#3: The Law of Action: One has to take action on their own divine path.

#4: The law of Correspondence. What happens around us, is a direct reflection of what is happening within us.

#5 The Law of Cause and Effect: Karma.

#6: The Law of Compensation: Visible effects of our deeds are rewarded.

#7: The Law of Attraction: Our thoughts create our reality.

#8: The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy: asserts that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

#9: The Law of Relativity: asserts that everything is neutral, everything is relative.

#10 : The Law of Polarity: Everything has an opposite.

#11: The Law of Rhythm: Everything moves in a cycle.

#12: The Law of Gender: Masculine & Feminine.

"When the mind is harmonized with the soul, it is aligned in it's own path and aligned in Universal harmony. There is no name for what you receive. -Abdy"

I am so grateful and passionate about the ability this knowledge gives me to help others on their journey to enlightenment/ascension thru energy work and vibrational harmonization for their soul.

About the Contributor: As an Intuitive Energy Work and Spiritual Coach based out of Virginia, Donna Werge helps guide others as a conduit to Universal Source Energy. She is a Reiki Master, but also believes that abilities are natural if you choose to work with them. She loves to help others on their journey to enlightenment and ascension through Energy Work and Vibrational Harmonization of the soul. Follow her on TikTok @AngelsDo333 or on Instagram @Angelsdo or go to www.angelsdohealing.energy to learn about what she offers others as a Healer.

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