The Zen of Dog- Lessons From An Other-Abled Dog

It’s quite possible that I have learned the most about life and being in the moment from a dog. This lesson was really brought front and center several years ago when I helped care for a partially paralyzed miniature Fox Terrier named Diego. When he was a puppy, Diego had fallen off the rooftop patio of his owner’s house. The vet said he would never walk again, and for many months Diego was unable to function without his owner’s constant care.

Diego did get better and learned to walk again, in an oddly stilted manner. He never regained some functions, though, and became very sensitive to the energies of things and people around him. When I began caring for him, Diego’s owner was preparing to travel for several weeks. He still needed a lot of care and couldn’t be left unattended for more than a couple of hours.

However, Diego spent no time being anything other than his quirky pooch self, zooming around in his odd hip-hop gait, stuffed monkey in his mouth. Yet there was also an otherworldly soulfulness about him. He would stare off into space at odd times. I would find him laying outside with his eyes slightly closed, as if he was listening to something, or someone, that I couldn’t hear. His favorite thing to do was to sit on a cushion on the patio in the early morning Santa Fe sunshine. I would cover him in a light blanket to keep him warm.

After settling him on his cushion in the sunshine early one morning, I started to walk back into the house, but something made me turn to look back at him. What I beheld gave me chills and made me catch my breath in utter amazement. I scrambled to grab my phone, and with the sun blinding me, snapped this photo. What emerged humbled me. I was overcome by the simplicity of this little dog communing with life exactly as it was showing up, an early morning worship of sunshine, breeze and being in the moment.

Our teachers come in all sizes, and sometimes they come with four legs and fur. Is it any wonder that dog is GOD spelled backward?

About the Contributor: Myrrh de Marmion is a vibrational healer and intuitive and assists individuals in finding deeper health, happiness, and well-being. She blends her training in energy, sound, shamanic and esoteric studies with her empathic/intuitive abilities to offer multidisciplinary healing support to individuals and groups.

Myrrh is the creator of the workbook: The Five Life Passages of Transformation: The Sacred Journey Through Adversity and Challenge©, which is based upon her personal journey healing childhood/young adult trauma. The workbook helps readers create their own extraordinary inner journey to resolve self-esteem and self-sabotage issues related to difficult experiences. Myrrh also created the InnerVision Heart Navigation© card deck, an intuitive tool that helps individuals decipher the sometimes-cryptic messages of Body, Mind and Spirit. Based in Hendersonville, NC, Myrrh is also a textile artist, poet, writer, musician, and avid photographer hopelessly addicted to the inner workings of flowers. Explore her work at

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