The Six Principals of Feminine Power

Our feminine power is the knowing that resides in our belly. This insight, clarity and capacity to perceive emerges from our intuitive sense deep within. We all have the capacity to access this awareness at any moment. It’s what allows us to confidently make important decisions and navigate our path forward.

Principle 1 CLARITY: Access your vision so you can follow it forward with more potency!

The more clearly we can see, and discern – the more easily we can choose what is right for us. Recognizing the subtle contrast in feeling between our ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Not yet’ provides accurate ‘to the minute’ illumination for every facet of our lives. Have you noticed how this inner sense has a level of accuracy that defies logic and reason? Our access to this knowing is what gives us our power.

Principle 2 DESIRE: Create the space to tune in to your heart to find the truth of what you truly want.

As we deepen into rapport with this part of us, the more assurance we have that we’ll always know exactly what’s needed to move towards what we long for. As we become more and more attuned to this knowing, we can lean on our perception to protect, guide and guard us too.

Principle 3 FREEDOM: As you recognize your truth, past shame melts away and your connection to your knowing deepens opening you to higher and higher levels of freedom.

Feminine power produces a feeling of genuine safety because we can stay floating and present in the moment. This presence forms a level of buoyancy that opens us to higher levels of grace and strength.

Principle 4 BEAUTY: As you humbly acknowledge your brilliance you will feel yourself receive the permission to truly shine authentically in life and business.

Living from our inner knowing provides the atunement to unite us with our sovereign truth. Our actions and choices become a tuning fork returning us more fully to be in resonance with our true self. This movement towards internal and external harmony reveals beauty in every context of our lives.

Principle 5 POTENCY: Landing in your feminine power allows us to float and meet the moment from our truth.

Fear is the constrictor of feminine power! With a swift retraction from our internal awareness and a fast deviation to our mind, the shift to logic and reason reduces our ‘inner sight’ to a mere ‘take things as they are’ mentality. Suddenly the myriad of doorways that life persistently presents to us can no longer be recognized as we continue down well worn pathways that cannot open us to new destinations.

Principle 6 PRESENCE: Receiving permission to disregard the viewpoints of others will safeguard our efforts.

The fast track out of fear and back into the deep perception of our knowing comes from our willingness to offer compassion to ourselves and everyone near us. The softness and gentleness of this expansive acceptance clears the fear and our inner stability can rise once more to the surface and lead us forward beyond fear!

About the Contributor: Lysa Black is a Feminine Business Mentor out of Auckland, New Zealand. With 13 years of experience and 5 re-niching pivots behind her, Lysa's journey into authenticity required her to shed her past identity and embody the potency that she is sought after and celebrated for in business today. She currently has 4 published books, and a monthly series of Feminine Business Connection Events. Lysa is a Teacher, Facilitator and Leader who initiates everyone near deeper into who they truly are to become a force for good in the world!




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