Power in Play

Being a book worm, teacher and ‘all up in my head’ kinda adult for such a long time, I had lost touch with my sense of play. Even in my teens I remember wanting to grow up and do the adult thing, that I lost touch with my playfulness.

Bought a house at 18. Got married at 19. School teacher at 20. Mum at 22. Pastoring a church at 23. Gosh, just writing this down I feel another level of awareness for how truly responsible I was at such a young age. While I wouldn’t change a thing, as it is all part of my path, I can reflect back on seasons of all seriousness, and not much play.

It was actually 5 years ago, freaking out on the top of a snowy mountain where I got the inner guidance to pursue surfing. We were enjoying a child free getaway for our wedding anniversary and for the first time in my life, I was on the slopes for a ski lesson. It was a beauty day, and everything was progressing reasonably well until it was time to leave the lesson area and trial the slopes.

Oh my gosh. I was petrified!

I just didn’t want to ‘let go’ and get any speed. I was constantly trying to ‘keep the breaks on’ which was a major thigh burner, and I was so afraid of colliding with those speeding past me. I was so high, so scared and felt totally ‘out of control’.

It was in the midst of this chaos that Spirit whispered, “it’s time for you to learn something that helps you let go and have fun”

I was a Mum of an 8, 6 and 4 year old. For leisure I walked, sang and read books. Nothing adventurous. Nothing that made me laugh and let go. In many ways I had become a Mum martyr and thought that I had to let go of pursuing fun, while raising children.

It actually still took me another year and a half before I finally got started on my surfing journey. My amazing husband gave me the push I needed by buying me a soft top learner board and surf lessons for Christmas.

Oh my gosh. I have had so much fun!

Surfing is where I get to let go. Let go of control. Surrender to the waves. Squeal. Laugh at myself. Hold my breath longer than I wanted to (phew) and just play in nature like a child again. It’s not always chill, sometimes it’s scary, but that too feels like playfulness. Taking risks. Pushing yourself. Experiencing something new.

Right now, the messaging bombarding us seeks to contract our spirit. To make us feel small, insignificant, and alone. And while I still take life too seriously at times, I have learned to expand my spirit through playfulness. When I surf, I remember I AM free. I AM fun. Life is beautiful. People are fun to be with. I enjoy being human.

When I drop into this expansive state of who I really am, the messaging that was once all consuming becomes an annoying little mosquito in my ear, easy to silence with one simple swat.

You too have an expansive state that sits patiently on the other side of playfulness.

Women, don’t stop dreaming and having fun while raising your children. Find something that lights you up and challenges you to grow and learn. Men, champion your women and encourage them to find their fun and flow! It will richly reward you with a woman who is lit up from the inside out.

What is it that lights you up? What makes you belly laugh? What gets you out of your head and into your heart? What allows you to move your body and be free? Fully in the moment? While the world screams at you to take everything so seriously, Spirit whispers… “come and play. Let’s have fun. It’s gonna be ok”

About the Contributor: Rani is a vibrant soul who is forging a clear pathway of heaven on earth as an empowerment coach out of Northland, New Zealand. An earth mama, cat lover, writer, singer and surfer, Rani is passionate about empowering others to remember who they are, as sparks of the Divine. Combining her experience as a school teacher, pastor and naturopath, along with her spiritual gifts as a dreamer, empath and intuitive, Rani has a unique ability to awaken you to Heaven within.

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