Manifesting the Wheel of Fortune Card

A few years ago I started a practice of creating a painting each week, for a year. I shared copies with my yoga students and continued the practice for six years. Once the practice took hold, I recognized that it started to have a mind of itself. There seemed to be a bigger power behind my paintings. After creating several hundred paintings in this way, I felt inspired to paint and manifest a 78 card tarot deck, and called it White Sage Tarot. I then traveled for six weeks in India to inspire a second deck called the Land Sky Oracle. One of the most important aspects of this work for me was to put in the time, be clear about my goals and be open to an outcome that could reach farther than I had planned.

The Wheel Of Fortune card, like other cards of the Major Arcana, varies widely in depiction between Tarot decks. This card is often depicted with a wheel at the center that is spinning and represents cosmic change. To the left is a serpent, that helps us connect to subtle vibrations. The dog-headed figure under the wheel itself represents Anubis. Sitting at the top of the wheel is a sphinx, representative of the essence of the spiritual self that finds steadiness in the center of the turning wheel. Below are a few ways the Wheel of Fortune card can inspire your own creative practice and help you manifest an inspired life!

How do we find our part in the ever-changing parts of life?

How do we find an active part in the vibrations of life while, like the sphinx, we find a way to work from a calm, still center?

1. Be Bold

Who are you?

What do you really want in life?

- State your goal and be specific. Write down what you really want.

2. Be Present

Let go of fear of not having your goal.

Find time everyday to be quiet and still.

Listen for the answers to your deepest questions.

3. Choose your Words Carefully

Inside and outside of your head

Observe, rather than judge, your thoughts, words and actions.

High Vibration Words: Peace, Abundance, Love Happiness

Low Vibration Words: Worry, Fear, Hate

4. Live as Though you’ve already Attained It your Goal

Life in this moment is all you will ever have.

“Manifestation stems from the fullness of life. It is the icing on the cake. Just remember YOU are the cake.” -Eckhart Tolle


“I live a life that is abundant. I am 100% able to respond to the “givens” in my life with an open heart.”

About the Contributor: Theresa Hutch has worked as a graphic designer, art teacher, yoga teacher, illustrator and small business owner. All of these experiences have culminated into her current role as a tarot deck creator and reader. She designed White Sage Tarot and Land Sky Oracle: a Journey through the 8 limbs of yoga, published through US Games Systems, Inc. Website:

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