2 Magical Ways to Use Your Crystals

There are many ways in which you can use your crystals, you can carry them around in your pocket (or bra), get a pendant and carry it around your neck, place it in special places in your home for better energy, charge your water by adding crystals, bathe in crystal light or charge the things you want to manifest with supporting crystal energy.

Today I want to share two of the most magical and powerful crystal practices I know with you - crystal bathing and super charging your manifestations.

1. Take a crystal bath

This is one of my favorite practices of all time. It’s super simple and easy. All you need is a crystal of your choice and a comfortable place to rest in the sun- or moonlight.

A few crystals to consider using:

• Rose quartz for healing a broken heart and for opening yourself up to more compassion and self love

• Clear quartz to help you focus and get clear visions and feelings around a certain topic

• Amethysts to deepen your connection to your Higher Self and the Divine Beloved

• Fluorite to deepen your faith and trust in your own intuition

• Citrine to call in more abundance and more joy

• Aquamarine to soothe and comfort and help you get clearer around your communication

• Jade to anchor in deeper faith and more abundance

• Moonstone to connect you to the Divine Feminine, your own intuition and inner magic

• Smoky Quartz to help you ground and feel in tune with Mama Earth and nature around you

Once you’ve picked your crystal, close your eyes for a minute or two and feel into your body. Where in your body do you feel tension, stress - what parts of your body feel tight today? What body part needs some extra love, care and space today? If there aren’t any particular places showing up, you can place the crystal on your heart chakra, your forehead or your solar plexus.

Lie down in the sun- or moonlight (make sure that when you’re lying down in the sun to only stay for up to 5 minutes, also note that crystals like amethyst fade in the sunlight), gently place your crystal on your body, close your eyes and rest for 5-15 minutes.

The light of the sun or moon shines it’s masculine/feminine healing light onto the crystal and activates and reflects the unique healing structure and energy of the crystal into every cell of your body.

2. Super charge your manifestations

Around the new moon, find a quiet space and write down what you’d like to call into your life on small pieces of paper. If you can, write each thing down on a separate piece so that you can super charge them each with different crystal energies.

Now that you’ve written them down. Place them on your windowsill or any other place that gets a lot of moonlight every night. Look at the list of crystals above and place a crystal that resonates with your vision, goal and dream onto each piece of paper to supercharge it as the moonlight grows again. On the full moon burn your wishes and release them to the Universe.

I recommend using these practices as often as it feels aligned for you in your day. I’d love to know from you in the comments - have you ever tried these? What was your favorite crystal experience?

About the Contributor: Lisa Nagel is a healer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She deeply believes in the inherent wisdom each soul carries and in making more space for sacredness in our lives. You can learn more about her HERE.

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