How to Take Care of Your Crystals

Crystals are children of the earth. Whenever you buy a new crystal, welcome it in your life by giving him a shower …of water, of sage smoke, of sea salt, of angel light or of sound! It will thank you and you will release all the negative energies absorbed by the crystal. Most crystals and gemstones, rough or cut, on their own or in jewelry, will pick up negative or unwanted energies over time. They are a bit like sponges absorbing and reacting to the environment's energies. Crystals which you buy in shops will have picked up the vibrations from people entering the shop and having touched them. If possible and if the crystal shop owners have a crystal bowl, ask the crystal to be cleared in the shop. Crystals may loose of their healing properties if they are not cleansed regularly. Some crystals such as citrine, selenite, kyanite... do not need cleansing as they do not hold negativity or self-clean. however if you feel guided to clean them, do so. Crystals and stones that are used for crystal healing or energy work should be cleared and cleansed of negative energy prior to any work and after the work. Don’t forget that cleansing is more about intention than about the method used.


– Water: hold the crystal under running water, ideally for at least one minute or more. it is better not to soak the crystals as some of them such as labradorite or selenite are water sensitive. You can also use rain water, or do it at the sea or ocean. the difference is phenomenal as it will cleanse and charge your crystal. Allow them to dry naturally, in the sunlight if you can as it will charge them at the same time.

– Smudging: light a sacred herb such as sage, cedar, sandalwood or incense and allow the smoke to gently wash over the stones. Hold the crystals with your hand. This is a brilliant method for fragile stones. Make sure to open a window for the smoke to escape out to the wind and to the earth where unwanted energies can be recycled.

– Singing or crystal bowl: it is using a tone or a note produced by a singing / crystal bowl to rebalance the vibrations of a stone to its natural resonance. You can play it near the stone or if you have a crystal bowl, place the crystal inside and use the stick to play anti-clockwise. If you play clockwise, it will release into the room, the properties of the stone (for example, if you want to send love vibration in a room, place the stone inside de bowl and play clock-wise)

– Light /Energy/ Higher Power cleansing: hold the crystal in your hand and set the intention to clean the crystal with the help of any light being you feel like working with (angels, ascended masters, goddesses….) or ask them to clear it for you. Imagine your hand filled with light and unwanted energy being released by the crystal, and rejoining Mother earth to be recycled. Reiki can also be used.

– Sea salt cleansing: place your stone in a bowl of salt for some time, afterward wipe it off and throw away the salt. Only use the salt once.

– Crystal cleansing: You can place your crystal on a big piece of raw kyanite or a cluster or a citrine cluster or selenite piece…

– candle light/ fire cleansing: While focusing your intention and verbally praying or asking for the clearing of your crystal, pass it quickly through the flame of a white candle. Be sure to move it quickly enough to prevent overheating or damage to the crystal. Repeat until the energy of the crystal feels clear.

- Earth/sand burying. Burying crystals and stones is very cleansing and healing for them. Earth is the womb they come from. You can bury them in the Earth for 3 days to a week, either in your yard or in a flower pot. Be sure that if you bury your crystals in the yard that you mark the spot, to find them easily afterwards.


– Harnessing the Sun Energy: place them under the sun, 10 minutes to several hours depending on the intensity of the sun (10 to 15 minutes under strong sunlight, half an hour for morning sunlight and several hours when it is cloudy. Please note that a spot nearby a window will do the trick to charge your crystals.

– Harnessing the Moon Energy: full moon light is very powerful. To do this you simply set your crystals near a window and leave the blinds open during the night or place them outside if you are lucky enough to have a balcony or a garden. You can also use moonlight for crystals who fade under sunlight (amethyst or moonstone, sometimes can also happen for rose quartz…)

– Harnessing the Earth Energy: if you have a garden, you can bury them. It can be a fabulous way of rebalancing them, while allowing them to vibrate once again with the Earth.

– Harnessing a Higher Power: ask a light being to charge your crystal or charge it with reiki energy.

– Harnessing Light Language Power: sometimes light language used as a coaster can recharge your crystals.

– Harnessing the Energy of a Crystal: You can place your crystal on a big piece of raw Kyanite or an amethyst cluster or a citrine cluster or selenite piece…or generator quartz cluster


Dedicate it to the highest good and to love and light.


You can program a crystal for a specific mission, just hold your crystal and declare your intentions such as:

– I program you to bring me abundance (you can place a citrine in the abundance corner of your house or of your room, at the very left corner facing the door)

– I program you to help me find my soul mate or true love (for a rose quartz for example)

– I program you to help me to open my third eye (for a lapis lazuli)

– I program you to absorb and repel negative energy (for a tourmaline)

– I program you to open my heart and create loving relationship (for a rose quartz)

– I program you to help me find the still point and connect to source when I pray or meditate (for an amethyst)

– I program you to awaken my sensual and sexual energies (for an orange carnelian or a red jasper)

– I program you to help me to sleep peacefully (for an amethyst, then place it under your pillow)

–I program you to protect my home (use tourmaline and place them at the four corners of your room)

The more you work with crystals, the more you will know them and the easier it will be for you to tune into their energy. The most sensitive of you will even be able to feel the crystal “pulse”. A crystal’s pulse feels like electricity emanating from the crystal into your hand. It can be described as a tingling sensation inside the palm, sometimes shooting up through your arm or migrating. Sometimes the feeling or sensation is more localized–resonating in one very specific area of your body–most likely an area that needs healing. Crystals talk and they have personalities. They have names and all you need to do is listen to them and be willing to trust that they are alive.

About the Contributor: As a Mindset & Self-Mastery coach and spiritual teacher based out of Paris, France, Ndeye Fana Gueye helps current or aspiring coaches, leaders, and change-makers get out of their own way, crush doubt & self-sabotage without spending years of therapy using Inner Dialogue®️ and Way to Self Coaching. So, they can achieve more abundance, fulfillment, and impact in their life. She is also trained in the healing arts and teaches People to reconnect with their inner GPS through the mastery of the Akashic records, Shamanism and Energy work. Before becoming a coach and a healer, she had a prolific sales & marketing career in leading companies of The Fortune Global 500. Follow her on Instagram @ndeyefanagueye or click HERE to learn about her Akasha Soul Healing Program or HERE to learn more about her 21 day Healing Your Self-Talk Course.

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