The Art of Blending Flower Teas

Flower teas are a wonderful and nourishing natural remedy. They can be used to aid a plethora of physical health issues and promote emotional balance; which can in turn effect our spiritual well-being. There are many different flowers, each with their own unique health benefits, aromas and tastes. When it comes to the art of blending flower teas, it is certainly the intent and intuition used that creates an effective blend… and practice goes a long way to perfecting your art.

As with all crafts, intention is the key and primary element to creating a flower tea blend. Ask yourself: ‘Why do we want to create this blend? What is our goal? How do we want to feel and respond to this blend?’ Once you have your answer you are ready to begin blending.

Start with a base flower for your tea. Some lovely base flowers include: chrysanthemum, jaiogulan, camomile and jasmine. If you would like to use an actual tea leaf (rather than a flower), you may wish to work with green or white tea leaves as the base. Please note that these both contain caffeine. I prefer to work purely with organic flowers and herbs. Base flowers should not be too strong in aroma or taste to help it be complimentary with other flowers.

Once you have your base, it is time to add some mid note and top note flowers. A simple and effective blend can have just 3 flowers that balance well. A more complex blend may contain 5 or 6 flowers. Let your intuition guide you! Mid notes and top notes may be interchanged depending on the purpose of the tea; however, I like to use the flowers with stronger aromas and tastes as the top notes and the more delicate flowers as mid notes. This practice provides a blend with a balanced yet complex taste. Some favorite mid note flowers (and herbs) include: forget me nots, marigolds, rose and lemongrass. Favorite top note flowers (and herbs) include: lavender, lily, rosemary, mint, ginger and hibiscus.

Blending teas to effect energetic change for the mind/body/body spirit requires knowledge of each flower’s benefit. There are many flowers and herbs to choose from. It may take time to become familiar with them all, but once you do, blending becomes second nature. Intuition will take over your art. Here are a few flowers and their benefits to get you started.

Chrysanthemum (base)

Key properties:

1) reduces body heatiness/inflammation

This flower is perfect for calming our entire system down.

2) Promotes diuresis for better body detox

Aids in moving energy in the physical body to enhance natural detox process.

3) Contributes to a clearer vision

Assists with finding clarity or moving energy from the third eye to enhance intuition

Taste & Aroma: Chrysanthemum is a light flower with a delicate and slightly sweet taste. It is a beautiful base flower and blends well with a range of other flowers and herbs. Chrysanthemum provides a gentle exhale for the body mind and soul.

Mint (top note)

Key Properties:

1) Relieves flu symptoms

2) A cooling herb, mint can reduce body aches, ease sore throats and clear the nose.

3)Relives headaches and clears the mind

4) Due to its cooling nature, mint assists in reducing pain and clearing the head making it perfect to assist with headaches and clearing a busy mind.

5)Rejuvenates and refreshes body/mind/spirit

Mint is great to provide a pep in your step and, wake the body and mind up and become more in tune with your senses and earth connection. This is the herb of rejuvenation.

Taste & Aroma:

Mint has a strong refreshing flavor and aroma. If used as a mid note, blends will be very minty and strong. When used as a top note it provides a beautiful subtle kick to your blend. Mint wakes us up and releases any energy that binds us. It has a fresh vibration to ignite our being.

Rose (mid note)

Key properties:

1) Calms nervous system

2) Rose has a very calming effect on both the physical nervous system and our state of mind. It is a beautiful flower to fill the heart space or calm an overactive third eye.

3) Encourages blood circulation and reduces cholesterol

Promotes gentle movement of energy, body detox and balance on every level.

4) Promotes skin care, beauty and eliminates tiredness

50 Hormone regulation- This beautiful flower relieves menstrual cramps and regulates hormones. It is a very helpful flower for women’s health.

Rose is the flower of beauty and nourishment. It promotes skin cleansing and hydration while also rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit.

Taste & Aroma:

Rose has a very specific signature. It has its own unique floral aroma and taste which is powerful but subtle. Most of will have smelt rose in the past and will immediately link it to memories, places and people… the scent memory plays an important part in igniting our body, mind and spirit. For such a sweet little flower, rose is abundant and full of opportunity. Rose can be used as a mid note for a distinct addition to your flower tea or as a top note for a subtle hint of rose. With so many incredible benefits, the more the merrier, I say!

Lemongrass (mid note)

Key properties:

1) Reduces bloating in the stomach caused by indigestion- Lemongrass is a wonderful herb for helping with digestion, stomach upset and bloating. Drinking lemongrass tea after meals can have very positive effects on the digestive system.

2) Promotes diuresis for better detoxification- Aids in moving energy in the physical body to enhance natural detox process.

3) Fights bacterial viruses- If you suspect you have a bacterial virus, drink lemongrass to help your immune system fight it. (Please be sure to compliment it with other natural therapies; and when in doubt do seek medical advice).

4) Boosts blood circulation- Assists in movement and production of blood. Perfect for anyone with low blood. (Please consult your TCM to have your pulse checked).

Taste & Aroma:

Lemongrass has a distinct citrus taste and aroma; however, it is gentle when blended with other flowers and herbs. It is a powerhouse for health and well-being. I recommend it as a mid note to enhance its capacity to heal.

Blending techniques

When starting to blend your flowers, try this ratio:

-3 parts base

-2 parts mid note

-1 part top note

Be sure to taste your tea blends. Drink with intention to soak up the benefits of each blend. Taste each flower included and search for the balance and harmony between the flowers. Listen to your body and mind during drinking and after. Ask yourself: How does my tea taste? How does it make me feel? How is my body responding? How is my mind responding? Does this blend reach my spirit? Check in during drinking and one hour after. If you want to test the health effects of the tea blend, try drinking it every day around the same time and keep a little tea diary…. How have you changed after a week of consumption?

If your tea isn’t meeting intent on any level, it requires adjustment. Here is where your intuition and powers of deduction come in. You are searching for a harmonious blend that meets your intention. Play! Enjoy your flowers. Enjoy drinking your tea blend and creating the perfect combination to suit you.

For extra impact, I like to imbue my flowers teas with crystal energy and play music to them. I choose the crystals based on their healing properties and similarly I choose music with vibrations to suit the intention. This extra double dose of healing properties serves to fortify and expand the original intention of the blend. Try drinking your tea as it is, then try adding some crystal and sound energy to it…. You will feel the difference.

You are now ready to start on your creative journey with flower tea. For more information on flowers and examples of blends look to Energetic Nurture or follow my personal journey on Instagram. I welcome questions and feedback always; for we are all learning, exploring and growing together.

Lastly, here is one of my favorite tea blends to try at home:

Well & Good Tea Blend

Base (3 parts) – white tea or chrysanthemum

Mid note (2 parts) – lemongrass

Top note (1 part) – dried ginger

This tea has been a lifesaver to me. Simple to make and store, ‘Well & Good’ helps with calming the system down, nausea or stomach pain, blood circulation, natural body detox and a clearer mind.

I hope you enjoy this blend and its healing benefits.

With love,

Natalia x

About the Author: Natalia is a self-healed energetic worker based in Singapore. Through her own experiences overcoming what seemed impossible; she has developed a unique understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. Her eternal quest is to continue learning, sharing and empowering others in their own healing journeys. To learn more, click HERE.

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