The 13 Traits of a Natural Healer

1. Your driven to help

Natural healers are driven to help in any way they can. They have a keen sense for the needs of those around them and find joy in being able to help where they can. There are so many different ways that we can feel inclined to help; if you see yourself regularly helping those around you this is a strong indication that you are a natural healer.

2. You feel deeply

Feeling deeply can often feel like a curse for those of us blessed with highly sensitive hearts. If you’ve recognized strong emotional responses within yourself you are possibly a ‘HSP’: a highly sensitive person. Highly sensitive people are highly attuned to energy, emotion, light and sound. Those who feel deeply are often highly in tune with the truth of what is really occurring in other people’s hearts and lives. Rather than see this as a curse, my personal belief if that our deeply feeling hearts give us a unique capacity to love others deeply.

3. You love to progress

Having a natural desire to see progress in your life and the lives of those you love is a reflection of the potentiality that you are a healer. Do you love progress and change? A healer loves truth, and those who see life as an opportunity to progress and improve are often those will the natural healing gift.

4. You speak the truth

I define a Healer as a ‘Truth Speaker’: Someone who loves sharing truth regularly with those around you. If you have found the courage to share your perspective on what’s really happening, how you really feel or an insight into the true nature of a problem – you are ‘Truth Speaker’. This tendency to speak the truth is definitely the hallmark of a true healer!

5. You know when someone is lying

A true healer also has enhanced perceptual abilities that allow them to discern when someone is lying. Whether you say something or not, if you can tell when someone is lying then you may well be a healer.

6. People tell you their story

Being a healer is not something we choose, it’s something we are. It’s something that we can develop, based on pre-existing qualities and aptitudes that give us a unique insight into the state of the human heart. One of the most common experiences all natural healers encounter is that people will just automatically walk up to you (even strangers) and begin to tell you their story. When we have loving compassionate hearts that genuinely care for others well-being we emit a vibrational field that let’s others know they can feel safe to speak honestly with us. If you are finding people are drawn to share their story with you – you may be a healer.

7. You say the words they need to hear

Do you seem to intuitively sense the precise words to use to really reach someone? Bringing forward the words of comfort, care or love that seem to reach right in and truly touch others is another sign of a natural Healer. If you have ever been shocked to see that the kind words that you share has inadvertently been exactly what that person had been hoping, praying or needing to hear it’s an indicator of your natural healing abilities.

8. You see patterns

Natural Healer’s have a depth of experience in listening to the stories in others, sensing and perceiving the sacred information that you can access through your gifts – Do you recognize patterns in others: Recurring themes showing up in the hearts and lives of those who are drawn to you?

9. The wounded react to you

Just as a Healer is a bringer of truth, there will be times when those close to you react in pain when they sense your commitment to truth. Wounds are the by-product of believing lies, so those seeking healing will be drawn to you… and those who react to truth will be repelled by you. Many natural healers have wounding around their worth and lovability because of the ‘wounded’ responses of others around them. Reflect on how you feel others have responded to you and see if you resonate with this aspect of a natural healer?

10. You know great loss

In order to witness and hold compassion for the suffering in others, natural Healers always face significant loss, grief and suffering personally. The darkest moments can truly cultivate your light, and as undesirable and unwanted as these experiences are they offer first hand experience comprehending the suffering and grief in others. Our own suffering is often where many of our gifts are forged.

11. You speak to inanimate objects and unseen beings

Natural Healers recognize the life in all matter. They can see, perceive and know the interconnectedness of all that is, and communicate with all things. If you have ever talked to animals, plants, spirits or fairies etc. They I’m happy to confirm that this is a trait of a natural Healer. It can often be the animals, plants, elements, mystical creatures and beings in the unseen world that are the friends and companions of a natural healer.

12. You feel like you don’t belong

The insight and perception of a natural healer often means that what they sense and know is indiscernible to some of the people around them. This can leave these natural healers feeling ‘strange’, ‘outcast’ or ‘abnormal’. As they share what they sense and know they can be ridiculed or judged and end up doubting what they know. Comparing yourself with others who do not resonate with being a ‘Healer’ is incredibly isolating. Those who are nurtured in a home where spiritual gifts and truth is openly discussed, shared and supported can. However those who have been raised in families who did not know or understand these gifts will often feel like they don’t belong.

13. Peace is very important to you

If peace is one of your strongest desires and intentions – This is a sign that you are a natural Healer. Whether you seek for peace within or peace in your marriage, family, community or in the world – the desire for such peace is a striking confirmation that you are a natural healer.

About the Contributor: Lysa Black is a Heart Healer out of New Zealand. She is a highly sensitive empath who has the superpower of ‘reading’ hearts. Author of Heart Healing and Divine Purpose, Lysa’s open heart, self-acceptance and compassionate presence creates an atmosphere where others can access their own inner healer. To learn more click here:

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