My Journey from Despair to Healing - a perfect marriage of energy healing with essential oils

I was on the phone at the tail end of a session with a remarkable woman who expressed to me her excitement that now she could see the possibility of a future. The next words that came out of her mouth shook me to my core. “I hadn’t planned my life past this point because honestly, I was just planning to take my life and die.” My heart ached for her as I could only imagine the pain she had held in for so long. It took me back to a time years ago in my own life when I was at a low point and literally praying to die.

I was experiencing a horrible divorce, became mom and dad 24/7 to three young boys, and found myself homeless, broke and moving to another city to have a roof over our heads. I thought my life was over. Little did I know it was just beginning. I had lost any belief in myself and I was in a dark place. I felt alone and full of questions. I didn’t really know what my purpose was or what I was here to do that was unique to me.

I became clinically depressed and literally prayed to die! I clearly remember being on my knees, in my closet crying and begging and pleading with the Lord to take me. The heart wrenching pain was so unbearable that there were days it took my breath away. Everything I believed in was shattered and I felt broken. My heart was crumbling into a million pieces, never to be put back together again. I had three young boys to care for, and I was praying to die. I thought my life was over because it didn’t go the way I had planned. I had experienced abuse on all levels and I felt I had done everything in my power for life to be different and better. I was a prisoner to my own thoughts and beliefs. I didn’t know any different so I was doing the best I could with what I knew. I had no clue as to how stuck I really was.

I pushed through and tried to overcome by immersing myself in self-development books to try and “fix all my brokenness.” I kept trying to convince myself to “be better”. There is quite a difference in convincing ourselves, as opposed to actually and finally feeling it. God had a totally different plan for me than the one I was on. He saw greater things in me than I could have ever imagined. I had been playing small for years and, honestly, I think He felt it was time to yank me out of it and to create the life I really signed up for. Those walls were thick and heavy and it was quite the journey to remove them to finally see my light within.

I took the looooooooonnnnnnngggggg hard road to healing for years but then was introduced to a whole new way to heal. Skeptical and naïve about energy healing, I was curious to see what it could do for me as well. Just after one session I was amazed at the lightness I experienced afterwards and a great sense of healing. It was like I could feel my spirit breathe again. Counseling had helped me put the puzzle pieces together but the energy healing helped me dig to the root and release where the pain began in the first place. I felt like I was removing the rocks that had built a wall around my heart and as I progressively released more and more over time, the light from my soul began to shine through and feel strong again. It was life changing for me and pivotal in helping me get in tune to my spirit and who I really am. I saw permanent results without having to reiterate or relive the trauma. I wanted others to experience what I had so I delved further into studying energy healing and light work. The healing was quick and transformational with huge results. It was like the difference between getting from point A to point B in an airplane as opposed to getting there in a horse and buggy.

I have seen powerful transformation in clients as I work with them in sessions for their own energetic healing. The results have been remarkable and quick. I worked with a woman to release some deep painful experiences and emotions she had held onto for 20 years and literally saw her countenance change as she released this and walked into freedom for the first time in 20 years. It helped her in moving forward in her relationships. I worked with a gentleman who was grieving the loss of his wife for 4 years and turning to alcohol to numb the pain. After a few sessions, alcohol was no longer a part of his existence, as he found his light again. Much progress can be done in just one session, but over a period of time, real transformation occurs. At first subtly, and then gradually, a deeper and more defined healing seems to take place. But little did I know that there was another tool that was about to take my practice to a whole new level.

I felt prompted a while back to start researching essential oils. I had heard of essential oils but never really delved into them or knew what they could do. So, one summer I studied them in depth. I happened to be experiencing a very painful and emotionally draining situation that summer that was affecting me physically. I felt depressed and at the suggestion of one of my mentors I began using the oils on myself. I began taking them internally and also using them topically. I combined the use of the essential oils with releasing some of the pain and emotions through energy healing and started to see a great difference in how I felt. After using the oils over a short period of time, I felt a palpable calmness surround me. I felt more grounded and my depression dissipated. I was amazed at the results. I want to stress that this was my personal experience with them. I am not claiming they will always do the same for everyone.

I studied the oils’ emotional properties and had another personal epiphany. Due to the painful traumatic experience and process I was going through, I felt a lot of grief and a great sense of loss. I decided to go away for a weekend with my husband to take a breather and have some time to process and heal. While we were away, we took out my collection of essential oils and muscle tested to see which oils would benefit us the most. We then used them for a massage on each other.

One of the oils that came up for me, as we were testing them, was Rosemary--the oil of transition and change. Rosemary essential oil supports one in feeling confident during times of great change and helps with grief. I was prepared to release pain and accept healing. As my husband rubbed Rosemary oil on my back, I felt a wave of grief overcome me and wash away the pain that had been bottled up. It allowed me the emotional release I needed to let go of the loss. I shed many tears as I released some very agonizing feelings and then relaxed, breathed in the healing, and felt completely empowered. This was a significant moment for me and my personal epiphany as to the intelligence of the oils.

Soon after, I started diffusing the oils as aromatherapy and using them in my sessions with my clients. I would tune into what emotions or experiences they wanted to work on and release. I would diffuse the oil most beneficial to that emotional release in order to support them. Then, I would suggest they apply the same oil topically on their wrists and breathe it in while they were in sessions with me. I feel it helped the sessions go even smoother and supported the work we were doing to release and heal. The high grade essential oils were in partnership with the energy healing taking place and it created a perfect marriage of the two. The results were remarkable as I realized that high vibration essential oils are perfect in helping release low vibration emotions. It was empowering for them to be able to take the oils home and apply them as we had during the session, or even take some internally (not ALL essential oils are safe to ingest so please take proper precautions to educate yourself on which ones are labeled as safe to ingest and which ones aren’t before doing so), to help them further progress their healing. I saw great results! I realized the oils were creating a supportive environment for the body in its emotional healing as the energetic blocks loosened up and released quicker. It’s the difference between trying to scrape dried up paint off of your hands by just rubbing and peeling and hoping you get it all as opposed to putting water on the paint first to loosen it up so it comes off easier and quicker. The essential oils become the water to loosen up the emotions that have been stuck for years and loosen them up to be released with more ease and no residue, making the healing an easier process.

Today I use essential oils regularly in my practice and have written two books to help others empower themselves in their own inner healing. We have the ability to heal much within us as we choose to heal, rather than stay stuck. My life is forever transformed because of these beautiful tools God gave us for healing. Here I was handing this very gift to another woman who had been in the place I was, but she had just glimpsed her own beauty and potential and now a future was right in front of her. As I got off the phone, I smiled knowing that her journey was just beginning and oh how beautiful it looked to be!

About the Contributor: Christi Turley Diamond B.S., M.Ed., is a Speaker, Author, Life Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer. She is certified as a Grief & Loss Recovery Specialist and worked for years in a non-profit organization assisting many affected by loss and trauma. She is the co-author of Aroma Heal 1 & 2 and creator of the Aroma Heal certification program and The Emotional Mindfulness Card Deck. She does individual/group phone sessions with clients all over the world. She has helped hundreds to find healing. Her purpose is to increase light upon the earth as she helps others recognize and increase theirs. To learn more click HERE.

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