Discover Your Divine | 7 Chakras in 7 Weeks

W e l c o m e t o y o u r c r o w n c h a k r a - This is the subtlest energy center and the place from which all other chakras emanate. Located above the crown of the head, this center supports your central nervous system and deep brain functions. This is also where we connect with the divine, within us and our higher source. On a deeper level still, it is where our spirituality resides. That is not to be confused or limited to only our religious beliefs and processing of spiritual energy (this actually in the mind and heart). The easiest way to understand what processes in this center is to remember that it is our place of becoming. This is where you process the energy that helps you to establish, well, you. Your spirituality as a state of “being”. It is where we “become”. It is where we grow and develop all that we are. If this at all seems somewhat confusing to you or you cannot really identify with what is described here, allow me to give some insight and suggestion on getting more in touch with this part of you. It is one of the most amazing centers to begin to open and has the greatest potential to bring more joy and happiness into your life.

Everything that exists within us, and within the world, was first created spiritually. For example, a thought, coming from deep brain functions, is first created on an energetic level, what I will call a spiritual level. I believe our thoughts and ideas are not all our own or all that unique at first. There are universal truths and wisdom and as we open ourselves up and develop ourselves in certain ways, we tap into that vast unseen system of truth and wisdom and step into different flows of information. As we ponder those ideas our physical body or mind takes over. We now are creating on the first level physically. We take those things and ideas and begin to use our own unique ability and intrinsic qualities to make them more unique and put our personal signature on them. If we keep going with it, and are functioning well on other chakra levels, we can begin to manifest these ideas in our lives, or even physically create them ourselves. This could be done through words we speak, or art we create, or through writing. It can come out as any number of creative possibilities. Knowing this, one can see why being open and having a healthy crown chakra is so important to becoming who we want to be. It is where we integrate all of our other parts of ourselves. To fully understand it’s function, it is helpful to understand all of the other energy centers and their functions (so follow along with us over the coming weeks). All of who we are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, communicates and works together through this chakra.

Have you been feeling a little materialistic lately? Do you often find yourself doubting your own spirituality? Or, are you someone who comes across as controlling to others? If so your crown chakra could probably use a little opening. These are some signs that it is either fully or somewhat closed off. One way to begin opening this chakra in a very gentle manner is to start adding some meditation into your day. Here is a little beginners guide to meditation to assist you.

Another way to begin to open this center a little more is through prayer. The beauty of prayer is that we can start any which way. A simple beginners prayer to the Higher Divine or Source or God can be spoken internally or out loud, with eyes closed or open. Simple speak and connect. Speak as if you are talking to a parent or good friend, share the deep feelings of your heart and soul, share gratitude and your hopes and dreams. You may be surprised how wonderful you begin to feel as you start connecting more and more through prayer.

Have you been feeling almost obsessed with your spirituality? Is it all spiritual all the time? Do you feel somewhat disconnected to your physical body or disassociated with it? Or, have you maybe been experiencing a lot of mental confusion? If so, your crown chakra may be overactive. The key to balancing this is to go to the opposite chakra point, your root chakra, and check to see if that area is connected well. Typically, you will find a malfunctioning root chakra as well, and it will most likely be more closed in a person with an over active crown chakra. In this case I would suggest a good bout with nature. Go walk in the grass barefoot, focus on the "feeling" of nature, and stay out of your head. Focus on the feelings inside and outside of your body as you experience the trees or ocean or whatever natural environment is around you. Even a park will work.

If you feel balanced here, wonderful! Feel the joy that comes from being connected and take some time to focus on that connection today. Maybe you could even offer a prayer of gratitude for your connection with the divine, or dedicate your meditation or yoga practice to gratitude for this. I hope you all find joy working on your Crown center today.

What a magnificent and wonderful journey it has been to go through all of the major chakras with you. I hope that you were able to find some next steps and answers for you personally and I pray that you all will find more joy each day as you strive to be your best self. Each step forward is a great accomplishment, enjoy the journey, and I wish you all the best as you balance and heal through your chakra work going forward. Namaste.

About the Author: Becky Jones is a holistic life coach, energy worker, reiki practitioner, and the owner of Becky Jones Wellness and BeJwled gemstone jewelry + healing products out of Chandler, Arizona. Through hard work and training, utilizing her intrinsic qualities and experiences, she specializes in helping people to identify and process emotional baggage, connect with others, and identify and achieve their personal goals. She helps others to more fully stand within their highest potential. Using unique tools she assists you in identifying the core issues that are causing distress, anxiety, illness and stress and helps you process through them in a gentle manner, getting you to your next step.

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