4 Simple Ways to get Re-Centered and Connected

I think its safe to say that technology is pretty amazing. It assists us in so many aspects of our lives. I for one am grateful for its advancements every day. But one of the things that is happening in our need to “get connected”, is that we are (ironically) losing connection... within ourselves. It worries me to see how many men and women have misplaced their internal power cord and have ignorantly replaced it with something man-made. But have no fear! I am going to share 4 simple ways that will get you re-centered and connected. ***Be warned: Using these tools may also help you connect to others and the world around you. So don’t try these things if your goal in life is to become a mindless zombie. 1. Put the electronics down and step away from the computer There is so much electromagnetic interference running through the planet right now. Why does this matter? Because you are a complex being of circuits and electricity. So if you are constantly connected to a phone or other device, that interference is depleting your natural energy reserves. And let’s be honest, you can’t afford to have less energy in this fast-paced world. Less energy equals less internal connection. 2. Move Your Body It’s amazing how much we disconnect from the world around us just because we are sitting still. Moving your body has so many amazing side effects! One of the most amazing benefits is that you can move it closer to the things/people/places/experiences you want. Sure, you can wait for the universe to drop it into your lap (whatever “it” is), but the second law of motion implies that our desires will come with more speed when we times mass (aka your body) with acceleration (aka movement). So move it! 3. Love Your Body Your body is so wise. (Think Yoda kind of wise) It has mechanisms in place to help you keep things in balance. We are disconnected when we ignore our body’s signals that we need something. Eat when it says eat, sleep when it says sleep and use the restroom when it says its time to eliminate. (Potty dancing is not cute at any age!) Please, for the good of your soul, feed your body nutritious food. So much of our body misunderstandings come because we eat junk. The good news is that you can put heaping doses of love, gratitude and forgiveness into your exchanges with your body. In return, it will thank you by revealing all kinds of specific and personalized ways to stay connected. 4. Take a frickin' day off It breaks my heart when I meet with burnt out mommies. Burn out is a result of trying to do too many things with not enough resources or energy. When this happens, sick days are not an option. Your body will basically shut down and you will be forced to recuperate. So before you go plummeting down that spiral staircase of duress, choose into a rejuvenating and restful day. You’ll thank me later. And while you're resting, do something that nurtures your body and spirit. You can go for a walk, read a good book, get your nails done... whatever makes your heart sing! These are just four things you can do to change your connection to yourself. Don’t be afraid to implement any other ideas you may have. In my years as a Master Intuitive Facilitator, I've been blessed to witness again and again miracles happen. For my clients who choose to take connection seriously and make just a few simple adjustments, the rewards are astounding. I promise, as you tap into connection your energy will increase and you will experience deeper and more meaningful relationships... inside and out.

About the Author: LuanaLei Turetzky is a Master Intuitive and is the owner and CEO of the World Tree Institute and Chakra Charged University out of Utah. To learn more please visit her website by clicking here for the Chakra Charged University, or here for her Intuitive Gifts website.

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