Awaken Your Vision | 7 Chakras in 7 Weeks

Welcome to your third eye chakra. This is where we visualize and understand mental concepts. It is where we perceive our reality, and how we see the world and universe.

Before we delve into the third eye, I wanted to take a moment to share more about the motion of our chakras. A healthy energy center (or chakra) moves clockwise, in about a 6-inch circular motion (as if the “clock” was placed against your skin facing away from you). If any of your energy centers are moving in another form besides this, they are not fully functioning at their highest potential. For example, if your chakra is circulating completely backwards, or counter clockwise, you are actually projecting your own reality. So you may be completely unaware that the feelings that you are experiencing from the outside world, are actually coming from within yourself. The beauty of having someone test our chakras is that it really allows you to get an inside look at what deserves your attention and efforts in your work towards healing and growth. It can truly give us some very detailed information about how you are dealing with specific energies that are coming in and through you. It is also a great way to start with a baseline of where you are currently at, and then you can re-test them and see what your personal work has done to align and balance your energy. Let’s look at an example of how this works within this particular chakra, the third eye. If this energy center is moving "counter clockwise" or in an oblong shape, backwards or forwards, or moving up and down or side to side- You may have some or all of these:

1) Confused mental concepts. 2) Images or visions within your mind that are not true. 3) A generally negative outlook on life. 4) Projection of a negative outlook onto the world, creating a perceived negative reality. 5) Blocks in creative ideas. 6) A projection of strong ideas that are negative. 7) Frequent headaches and tension in the brow. Energy work is a great way to help someone with a distorted forehead/third eye energy center. Most people who have these problems have had some invalidation of their own intuition, possibly a frightening upbringing, or often seeing and experiencing one thing in life but being told it was something other than their own perception of it.

If this energy center is healthy, circulating in a clockwise circular motion, you will experience great intuition in your life. You will also have a healthy perception of reality. The key with perception though is that we all experience reality at different levels. So in this case, it means that you have a healthy perception of the level of reality you are currently occupying. Some other signs that this energy center is open and flourishing is a really great memory, deep creativity in the mind, the ability to visualize concepts and ideas both spiritually and mentally, as well as an ability to think in both symbol and imagination.

This energy center is also deeply connected with the heart. Visualizing definitely involves both the mind and the heart. So one can gather that if there is a block in the heart, the third eye will not be fully open either, and vice versa. So, our ability to grow in our love for those around us is directly connected to our ability to open up our visualization, spirituality, imagination, and creativity through the third eye chakra. Whether you are thinking you need some deep work on this chakra, or feeling pretty good about your openness, there are some great ways to support the third eye energy center. One way is by creating some positive visual art. Even if you don’t deem yourself an artist, we can all benefit from some unique personal visual creation. It can be as simple as working with some playdough, coloring with your children, or doing a painting or drawing. The possibilities are endless, even writing would be a great supporter of the third eye. Write some fictional stories or fantasy, something you make up that is positive and uplifting. You can also try speaking some affirmations to yourself every day. Here are a few that will support your third eye:

  • My spiritual vision is clear

  • I see the divine light in everyone

  • I look at low energy situations from my higher self before I choose how I react.

  • I always follow and honor my intuition.

About the Author: Becky Jones is a holistic life coach, energy worker, reiki practitioner, and the owner of Becky Jones Wellness and BeJwled gemstone jewelry + healing products out of Chandler, Arizona. Through hard work and training, utilizing her intrinsic qualities and experiences, she specializes in helping people to identify and process emotional baggage, connect with others, and identify and achieve their personal goals. She helps others to more fully stand within their highest potential. Using unique tools she assists you in identifying the core issues that are causing distress, anxiety, illness and stress and helps you process through them in a gentle manner, getting you to your next step.

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