Working with the Wisdom of the Heart and Soul

We are on a mystical and magical journey through our experiences here on Earth, in our many incarnations. It may seem sometimes that it is a purely physical journey; However, on the deepest level it is a journey inward and we are all travelers of the Heart. We have been given all the tools we need to discern the next step and the straightest path to our truth. While we tend to discern through outward physical experiences, our energetic heart remains our most accurate guidepost, signpost, translator and dispenser of truth. It is the exact gauge of truth for each of us. In the biological sense, our heart helps to sustain our physical existence by providing nourishment of blood to all parts of our bodies. In that same sense, our energetic heart, which is our connection to higher truth, translates the physical sensations of our bodies' intuition through love, to serve as guides of truth/untruth. Many times this comes through as a visceral acknowledgment that we feel, an involuntary clenching of our teeth, or flutters in our heart. It is the inexplicable pull that calls us to go somewhere, do something, experience life on a deeper, more intuitive level, if we just listen.

HeartMath Institute has spent almost two decades researching the power of our heart, by “helping individuals incorporate the heart’s intelligence into their day-to-day experience of life.” Their work has developed and delivered research-based, practical, and reliable tools and technologies that enable people to align and connect their heart, mind and emotions to produce “transformative outcomes” with less stress and more ease.

Our mind (only doing its job) tries to make us “forget” about our heart, taking over by serving as the interpreter of our experiences and information, categorizing, analyzing, and judging. It creates “truth” from past experiences and uses these to create the same response in future situations that “feel” the same. The fight/flight/freeze response of the physical portion of our brain as well as repetitive traumatic experiences, can actually create a “groove” in our neuropathways, which recreate responses based on the original trauma. This can happen even when outer experiences do not resemble or match the intensity of the original experience.

Mastering the mind and the ego and uncluttering ourselves from the clenches of unresolved issues is the soul's journey into deeper trust in the wisdom of the heart. This Journey is the one that we humans have been on since we were first sparked from Source billions of years ago. Evolution grows with every trek around the multiverse. Earthly incarnation is not boot camp. Earthly Incarnation is the “big time” - Soul mastery.

In every Earthly incarnation, our soul is in charge of bringing us the experiences we need to evolve, thereby being given the opportunity to experience the inner limitations that cause the limitations in our external world. Sometimes these limitations are significant enough that experiences repeat themselves over several lifetimes. There are no mistakes, only repeated opportunities to choose something new, to choose a deeper truth. “Mistakes” and other man-made words belong to the Ego, not our Source. Through all of the opportunities presented to us, the greatest choices– the highest Evolution – are those made from the wisdom of our Heart – Love. This is the mastery of self. We always know when we are in Love or in Judgment.

We always have the opportunity to connect to our Heart's wisdom by checking in, asking, and listening. We also have the choice to remain stuck through fear and ego, which brings more of the same miserable experiences.

Repetitive Loops

Sometimes, experiences of significant trauma in a lifetime which are not resolved and healed may be carried over into future incarnations so the soul may experience the lessons and resolution it desires. Sometimes trauma and the resulting patterns run so deep and repetitively toxic that they completely obscure the Heart's wisdom, and the ability to choose, or even see there is a choice. If not resolved, these patterns can become repetitive loops of deep, all-encompassing depression, grief, self-hatred, and self-blame that can become toxic enough to consume an individual's life.

From the soul's perspective, these experiences are the epitome of mastery. To move through the grips of such a loop requires the deep trust in reconnecting to the heart's wisdom without a perceived safety net and taking back one's inner truth to heal the patterns. It is essentially shedding layers of ego to accomplish this. Even in the deepest, darkest life experiences, the core wisdom is always love, forgiveness, and the knowledge that we are whole, perfect beings, on a mission to learn to co-create our reality as sovereign beings no matter what the appearances.

There are many energetic methods that can declutter and “reprogram” repeating life experiences. One deep and efficient way uses the assistance of a healer adept at soul communication. This involves reading and directing intuitive and energetic communication to translate information to the individual of what is being shown to them. By guiding an individual's energetic Heart and Higher Awareness to communicate directly with their Soul, an individual can untangle repetitive loops, reprogram old beliefs and create new neuropathways. The higher self assists in connecting with the soul, and if an individual is ready to move through and heal a presenting issue, soul communication allows the underlying cause of a repeated pattern to come to the forefront in a way the individual can understand. Once it is seen and understood, the individual can make new choices and create a new outcome.

This way of working with energy and intuitive physio-energetic communication is very effective in helping to resolve the root causes of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and physical issues. When communication is established with an individual's soul via their higher self, the communication and energetic processes can extend to virtually any other area of the individual's physical body, chakras, or layer of their energy field, to produce deep and permanent positive change.

Individuals who would like to experience the heart and its healing power can follow these easy steps-

1. Sit comfortably and quietly, focusing on your breathing.

2. Allow your body to breathe fully, from hipbones to shoulders, expanding side to side and front to back. Continue this for a couple of minutes.

3. Allow your breath to pull you down into the very center of your chest. With each exhale, allow yourself to go deeper into “you”.

4. When you are in your heart center you should feel a sense of relaxation, peace, joy.

5. If you are agitated or having difficulties connecting, continue to focus on your breath and ask your heart to come for you and take you the rest of the way. Continue breath and asking for assistance until you feel a sense of “release” and a dropping into a space of peace.

6. When you are in your Heart space, allow yourself to fully feel the love that exists there. If you are good at visualization, imagine it being surrounded by beautiful holographic pink energy. See and feel that energy swirling around you and within you, clearing away everything that may be preventing your sense of well-being.

7. Know that this love is who you truly ARE. Bask in it!

8. Stay in this space as long as you desire, then slowly focus on your breath again to come back to the present. Take a few minutes to fully “come back” before going on with your day.

About the contributor: Myrrh de Marmion is a Vibrational Alchemist and Energy Healer who works with Sacred Sound, Energy and the deep wisdom of body, mind and spirit out of Boulder, Colorado. For more information about her background and work please click HERE and/or HERE to visit her websites.

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