Finding Your Voice | 7 Chakras in 7 Weeks

Welcome to your voice. The throat chakra is located at the front of the throat, as well as the back of the neck, and connecting in the middle. It is associated with taking responsibility for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. As children this center is already functioning. It is within our human nature to suckle our mother’s breast to gain nourishment. We vocalize from the beginning when something is needed in any of these areas with our very first expression, a cry. In a healthy situation this expression progresses more throughout one’s life as our needs begin to rely more fully upon ourselves. If the transformation of needing more from the outside world does not move into producing what's needed inside of ourselves, then this chakra is most definitely not functioning properly. We can begin to change that disruption in energy flow to our throat chakra when we stop blaming others for our lacks in life and go out and create what we need and desire. The throat center also is where we assimilates our sense of self within our community or society as well as within our careers and peer groups. This energy center plays a large part in attracting what we want and need. It is where we communicate our truth to others, but we first must know what our truth is.

Some ways of recognizing if the throat chakra is not functioning properly: 1) You have a fear of speaking. This can be one on one or in large groups. If you have been labeled as shy or withdrawn you may want to start asking the questions to get this center flowing more fully. 2) If you are unable to express your feelings well verbally. 3) If you fear being your authentic self.

4) If you have throat issues, or tightness in your neck or jaw. 5) If you have problems with your voice or ears. (I want to mention here that not all ailment comes from choice or lack of something. If something is going on with us physically I never think it is a good idea to take the blame on yourself, or that is right to. But, we can always use our trials to help us grow.)

6) If you talk too much/gossip/interrupt others.

7) If you are resistant or even very combative at taking what others are trying to give to you. Whether that be material things, emotional support, or advice.

8) You are told or feel like you come across as prideful or snooty, but inside you feel a deep lack of confidence.

These malfunctions may stem from verbal abuse, excessive criticism, authoritarian parents, or even substance abuse. Through the overwhelming negative experiences you may have had in your life, you may have learned to expect more negativity, hostility, humiliation, and violence instead of expecting love and compassion from others. Be patient with the people you are close with that is struggling with this chakra function. It takes time to heal and change expectations. Often times there is a large feeling of shame, pain, and despair within as well. In order to change you will need to release the false pride and stand fully within those feelings of shame, despair and pain so you can move through them and then release them. Having a trusted coach can be extremely helpful in creating personalized steps for you to heal in this area.

If this is you, go back into your life timeline and begin asking yourself questions. When did this start happening to me? Can I remember a childhood or other trauma in my life that might have caused me to withdrawal? How can I heal myself from this trauma or negative experience? Many times if you are in touch with your higher self and body you will naturally think of or feel some ways to allow the creation of healing within you. You could also do this through prayer, mediation or speaking to a trusted friend or energy healer. I encourage you to get the help you need to move through and transform that negative into a positive. There are so many out there that only have good intentions and desires to help you to find your voice and a higher fullness of joy.

One way you can help heal and balance this center is by working on grounding yourself (connection to your body and the earth) through being in nature or doing some vigorous exercise. You can also work on having more emotional contact with others. You can begin working on connecting with your will more through meditation, or beginning to write it out daily to help you connect with what you really want. Setting goals and writing a vision or mission statement are other amazingly beneficial ways to connect with will and find your voice. You can even create a vision board which will enliven not only your throat chakra but your solar plexus and sacral as well. There are many ways and people that can help you. Try meeting with an energy coach, doing yoga, finding a life coach, or set an intention to have a deeper connection with "safe" people.

If you have a strong voice, are a good listener and communicator, and/or are super creative, this center is probably assimilating energy well. Also, if you are successful and fully standing within a career that challenges you and is fulfilling, and you are producing your best work within that environment, then this chakra is most likely fully open. The key is to not have it become too open, which creates pride and self-centeredness. Remember, balance is important to keep your vibration high and in turn stay healthy and happy and able to give what you are meant to to the world.

Go ahead, get out there and start creating the life you need and desire. Sometimes all we need is for someone else to give us permission. So I very humbly and graciously give you that permission to be you, find your voice, and create all that your sweet heart and mind desires for you.

About the Author: Becky Jones is a holistic life coach, energy worker, reiki practitioner, and the owner of Becky Jones Wellness and BeJwled gemstone jewelry + healing products out of Chandler, Arizona. Through hard work and training, utilizing her intrinsic qualities and experiences, she specializes in helping people to identify and process emotional baggage, connect with others, and identify and achieve their personal goals. She helps others to more fully stand within their highest potential. Using unique tools she assists you in identifying the core issues that are causing distress, anxiety, illness and stress and helps you process through them in a gentle manner, getting you to your next step.

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