Taking Shame Out of the Game

Today We will discuss Shame, and the effect shame has on your energy signature. To understand the effect that it has, we first need to know what an energy signature is. Everyone is born with their own unique energy signature, it is the vibration your sending out into the ether. These signatures are each distinct and beautiful in their own way. You could call it your “song”. When you’re in alignment with your song or energy signature, you are living your most authentic you. You are in the flow of your true essence. Children are our examples in what it looks like to truly live from our song. We are most true to who we are when we are children. Some might be curious why that changes, and the answer is different for each of us. There are so many things that can affect our signature, but today we are talking about the effects that shame has on us and how it hides our song. In our society today shame is used to conform, control, and condemn, and it works with many of us; However, the time has now come to take shame out of our game, and it starts with you. it is time to release all of our shame, and lead with love, acceptance, and honor.

There are two different types of shame. The first is shame of self, and the second is shame of action. Before we talk about these, let’s look at the frequency of this emotion, or the level on which it vibrates within us.

This image shows the different frequencies of emotion and in what order they vibrate from lowest to highest. (For the science behind this and more on frequency and emotion go here ) As you can see from this chart, shame has one of the lowest vibrations of any emotion you can feel; Therefore, the impact of releasing shame would be monumental for an individual. You see, we are all vibrating our “song” into the world, and this is what I am calling our energy signature (ES). When you walk into a room, everyone feels it. We are all speaking to each other from our energy signature and we don't even have to say a word. On some level we all know the shame that others are carrying, so there really is no hiding it.

The first type of shame, shame of self, is when you feel shame for being your unique self and, because of this shame, you have started hiding parts of who you are. These can be beautiful and unique parts of you that are “too emotional’ or “too wild” or even maybe “too weird” compared to the societal norm. Most of this shame stems from childhood, when we lived closest to our truest selves. As we grow into adults we have truly buried and hidden some of the most beautiful parts of ourselves because they were shamed by adults, teachers, or peers.

The second type of shame, shame of action, is feeling ashamed of something we did. When you have done something that your belief system tells you is wrong.

Both of these shames have catastrophic effects on our energy system. Shame literally chokes the song of your heart. It is such a loud vibration and it is hard for others and yourself to hear your true song when your shame is screaming at you and at everyone around you.

Whatever shame is stuck in your body it will bring down your energy signature far more than other emotions. The thing about shame is that it most always gets stuck because we don't want to acknowledge that it is there. We want to hide it from ourselves and from the world. We want to bury it in the deepest places of our soul. Because we have a lot of shame, and it resonates at such a low frequency, I think it can potentially be the most profound change we can make within ourselves. To clear this from our energy signature we first have to start acknowledging our shame and healing those parts within us. As we do this, our energy signature will match more with the song of our hearts, and we can enter into the beautiful flow that brings more harmony and happiness.

How does one start to heal their shame? There are so many ways and each of us has very personalized and individual ways to heal, but here are a few suggestions.

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]The “Share your shame” technique. Yes, you heard right. Find a trusted individual or 20 trusted individuals and start sharing your inner most shameful secrets. When you do, a few things will start to happen- You will realize that big dark secret that you have been hiding for so long actually isn't as shameful as you built it up to be. The shame will literally begin to melt away, like an ice cube left on the sidewalk on hot day. Shame hides and truly can’t exist in the light.

[if !supportLists]2. [endif] Make a shame list, and share it. One of my mentors, Kami Mitchell, has a shame list that she reads often to others. The first time I heard her read it was at one of her events in front of 25 women. She shared her deepest shames. She taught me the power of sharing shame, and how sharing it takes away the power it has on you.

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]Accept your shame. Sometimes we simply need to start by accepting it. Stop pushing it away, feel it and let yourself fully experience it.

[if !supportLists]4. [endif]Have gratitude for the shame. Think of all that it has done for you, the dark places it has taken you has taught you so much that you may not have learned if you hadn't gone there. Have gratitude for the higher places you now will be able to reach because you have been to places so low. Have gratitude for the master teacher, shame.

[if !supportLists]5. [endif]Recognize when you shame yourself, and when you shame others. We live in a society where we constantly shame each other. The fastest way to learn where your shame lies is to witness where you are shaming others. Start asking yourself questions. Why did I shame that person for being late? Do I feel shame when I am late? When did this start? Sometimes you can recall the exact moment when that shame started. Maybe as a child you where late for something, and an adult shamed you for it. We tend to remember these cellular memories because they have such a strong emotional charge.

[if !supportLists]6. [endif]Seek help. There are people specifically gifted and trained to work with subtle energy and know how to transmit this energy. They are called energy or light workers. Find one who you are comfortable with, and make an appointment.

[if !supportLists]7. [endif]Try this guided meditation, made specifically for transmuting shame.

[if !supportLists]8. [endif]Think of those times as a child when you let shame shut a piece of you down, and reclaim that piece, let it sing out!

I hope as you read this you will start transmuting and transforming your shame now. Bring yourself back to that sweet inner child who stood so fully within all of your uniqueness. I believe that in doing so your life will shift in unimaginable ways. You will begin to live more fully from love and more easily sing the song of your heart. Your changes will contribute to a shifting in this world. The love and transformation you create within yourself will radiate to those around you and will have a profound effect on your life in unimaginable ways.

About the Contributor: Wendy Cleveland is an energy healer and medical intuitive based out of Lehi, Utah. She is also the creator of the ThetaHeart of healing modality. You can learn more about her light work and shame healing at www.thetaheart.com

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