Getting to the Heart of the Matter | 7 Chakras in 7 Weeks

We have arrived at my absolute favorite chakra, the heart chakra or heart center. This is where we connect with all life. It is our ability to give and receive heart feelings of love to others and where we process our openness to life. The more open we are in this center, the greater our capacity to love an ever widening circle of life. I believe this is one of the most important things that we can learn here on the earth.

While we covered a bit about the connection between our heart chakra and our sacral chakra in our sacral chakra post I want to cover a bit more about how intricately these two are connected in regards to our love for our partner. We can be very healthily functioning in our sacral chakra, but without the heart connection, energy movement flowing freely between the two chakras, our intimacy with our partner is not going to be at its highest and most beautiful possibility. In other words, balance between these two chakras will create an intimate experience with our spouse that will be a cumulative feeling of deep physical union and connection as well as a deep feeling of union with each other and divinity. This connection that allows us to more fully experience divinity and connection on a spiritual level happens within our heart chakra.

Did you know that we have invisible energy “cords” that connect us to others? Pretty cool right? It is through this energy center that our cords grow from and connect to the heart center of those we have a love relationship with- children, parents, and our spouse. You may have even heard of them as, “heart strings”. The love energy that moves through these cords can literally bring tears to our eyes because we experience such an elated feeling that the memory of how much we missed this feeling brings tears to our eyes. Our sweet little mortal hearts would literally burst if we could feel that feeling 100% of the time. And so when those moments of deep deep love come in, we cry. It is a powerful connection and one that we each have an innate desire to achieve in this life, to be loved and to give love, fully and wholly.

Let’s start out with discussing the partner relationship cord that resides in this area. If you and or your partner are having difficulty connecting on this level may I suggest a few things that you can ponder on, pray about, or even meditate about to determine your next step. Blame keeps the wounds open. Blaming your partner can be replaced by trying to understand the difficulty they might be facing in opening this area of themselves. I know this can be difficult, especially when you are hurting, but working in this way has a miraculous healing effect on the heart. With an intent to experiment on giving love instead of blame, work with your partner on gentle healing in their heart. Create a safe environment for them to feel comfortable opening themselves up there. And know that opening up a heart that has been closed for protection or out of fear or trauma can be one of the most difficult things for a human being to do. Our love literally can extend to their energy center and aid in an unseen way to help cultivate an environment within themselves to begin to open and heal this chakra. Of course before you can do this to your best capability one must make sure they are fully open and healthily functioning within their own heart chakra, which is different from being hurt or burdened with sorrow in your heart from the lack of love you desire. I promise that opening your heart is so worth the small tinges of pain it might bring in. The joy of feeling a deep love is so worth whatever heart aches may come. And the beauty of it all is that we can and are meant to equally learn from both the deep love and heartaches of this life.

The beauty of this energy center is that it literally cannot be too open. As I said above, being fully loved is one of the deepest desires that most of us have, and the ironic key to being able to be fully loved is to love fully. I believe it is one of the most important things we can learn in our lives, not just to be loved but to fully love others. This love can be grown infinitely. It is beyond our mortal comprehension how deeply love can grow. When we are functioning in a healthy way in this center we are able not only to deeply love our spouse, children, neighbors and community but ourselves as well. Truly we can grow to deeply love all of our fellow earthly inhabitants. Our spiritual eyes become more fully open as this center opens, and we begin to arrive at a place where we can really see the beautiful being within someone else. We can see all of their light and uniqueness. Not just the good but even the under developed and struggling parts of others. It is where the power of discernment lies. As we open up we develop more power to see a need within someone else so that we can begin to understand how to help them. And it is no wonder then that the heart chakra is the most important energy center for healing. The healing that comes through an energy healer or any other type of healing facilitator, including medical professionals who focus on healing and not just curing, comes through the heart as well as through the hands and eyes, which are an extension of the energy coming out of the heart.

Some of the ways that you can cultivate healing and growth in your heart energy center are:

  1. Selfless service for others. As we talked about above, losing yourself and learning to love more deeply is the most efficient way to open up your heart chakra. Bringing more love into your life.

  2. If you pray (and I encourage you to try it out, even if you don’t do it regularly or at all) ask to be blessed with an open heart.

  3. Work on connecting with your inner beauty, and the inner beauty of others. You can begin this by meditating with the question in your mind- “What is inner beauty?”. You can also google search inner beauty or be determined in having more conversations with others about what inner beauty means to them.

  4. Forgiveness is fundamental in healing and opening the heart. Forgiveness works and tools are available in abundance. I use many energy healing tools to help my clients move through forgiveness in my practice, as well as for myself. Forgiveness sometimes needs to be given moment by moment at first.

  5. And lastly, cast out all of your fear. Fear keeps us closed and isolated and none can receive true joy when they are disconnected and alone. Be brave, get out there, and show people the beauty that lies within you.

About the Author: Becky Jones is an energy worker, reiki practitioner, and the owner of Becky Jones Energy Work out of Southern California. She is also certified in the Five Keystones of Health masters program.



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