The Solar Plexus...How to Gain a Feeling of Belonging | 7 Chakras in 7 Weeks

We will start off today by going a little deeper into why understanding about your energy centers is so important to your overall well-being and health. Our energy centers are what nourish our bodies, on an energetic level. We learn in school that food gives us nourishment and energy, sleeping “recharges” us, and clear clean air and some sunshine gives our bodies much needed nutrients for growth and well-being. But, there is something so fundamental missing in this list. The unseen energy around us also comes into our bodies a different way. As we learn about these energy centers we in essence are learning how to vitalize our entire selves (mental, physical, emotional, etc.) and avoid illness and disease. In other words, balancing yourself in these different areas is just as important to staying healthy as eating a healthy diet and exercise. Understanding each of them helps us to gain the knowledge needed to discover our next step to a healthier and happier self.

The solar plexus chakra is located just above the belly button. It is considered a type of gateway. It’s where our physical energy from below, transforms into the spiritual energy above, and vice versa. This leads one to conclude that if your sacral is open (just below the belly button), and your heart is open, but your solar plexus is closed, the two will function independently of the other. Your intimacy will not be deeply connected to love, and your love may not enliven your intimate feelings. Also, your spirituality can be fully functioning, as well as your grounding to your body and earth, but they could be disconnected if the solar plexus is not open. The solar plexus energy center, or 3rd chakra, also works hand and hand with your 5th chakra, or “Third Eye”. If these two energy centers are working properly you will be able to have clear thought patterns, and be less confused in your thinking.

The solar plexus is considered a mental chakra; However, it is more directly related to our emotional life. It is the area of the body where we store many of our emotions and emotional trauma. Science has revealed that our gut actually has neurons. It is known in the scientific world as our second brain or gut brain, also known as the enteric nervous system. These neurons send status updates to our brain, which affect our mood and emotions. I love how science can confirm the connections between our Chakras. Over 2,000 years ago Hippocrates said, “all disease begins in the gut.” Over the past 200 years scientific advances have deemed this to be simple fact. An unhealthy gut is contributed to obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and depression, to name a few. As we bring this to the etheric level, gut health begins with a healthily functioning Solar Plexus.

Are you sufficiently motivated to get to work on your solar plexus health? Let’s dive in to some study about how you can help create a better energy exchange through this center.

The Solar Plexus is where we process our feelings of “belonging” in the universe. It’s function is directly related to who we feel we are within the universe and how we are processing our purpose, both on a soul level and in this mortal existence, at each point on our lives.

As children we have an etheric umbilical cord (relationship cord) that connects us to our mother. As we grow, this cord transforms from an adult/child relationship to an adult/adult relationship. As we enter into healthy relationships with a partner, a cord also develops here connecting us to them. The cords transform only if it is a health relationship. Some of us can be functioning on a child/adult relationship cord even though we are no longer children.

Here are some ways to determine if your Solar Plexus is healthy functioning:

  1. You have a deeply fulfilling emotional life.

  2. You rarely have overwhelming emotions.

  3. You have a deep sense of connection to your historical line and individual purpose.

Here are some ways to determine if your Solar Plexus is malfunctioning:

  1. You feel a disconnect between intimacy and love.

  2. You have uncontrolled extremes of emotional release.

  3. You have some or a lot of physical pain on this area of your body.

  4. You feel or have been diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion.

  5. You have very little feeling or emotion.

  6. You feel disconnected to your own uniqueness and greater purpose.

There are so many suggestions I could give to help you balance this area. Something to keep in mind before I do is to not feel so overwhelmed with the change and work you have ahead to balance yourself. These energy centers are so perfectly designed to give you an ease in your growth process. It is important and built into your work in each chakra slowly, giving yourself time to process everything you are releasing and allowing yourself to integrate the new information into your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, get grounded (my root chakra article will be coming out in a couple of weeks).

One of the most beautiful ways to begin to open up and balance the solar plexus energy center is to find out who you are. Learn more about the people you came from. Learn about your family, even if you don’t have a close relationship to them. If you have pain from abuse or neglect, go back further into your roots. There is someone good back there that passed on some beautiful qualities to you. Finding them will help you connect to those whom you came from. You will be able to find healing, understanding, and more about yourself and the long historical line of human beings who have served to create the physical vehicle you now possess. I know this can be so hard and painful, but I also know that hard things usually produce goodness and joy in our lives and are worth it. I believe those who came before us still exist and are very much alive in another existence. They desperately want us to know who they are, how they love us, and yearn to more fully help us in our daily lives. They are our guardian angels and guides. They bless us with their love each day, all we need to do is recognize it. We can feel closer to them as we do the work to bring them into our world by getting to know more about them. We can then more fully recognize their presence when they are with us. Knowing them helps us to know ourselves better. And knowing ourselves better helps to open up our Solar Plexus.

Another way of balancing the solar plexus is to add in daily affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that you speak to yourself. It is the power of attracting and changing your mental processing (remember, some of this processing actually happens in and through the solar plexus). Here are some affirmations you could say to yourself:

  • I love myself deeply and am happy with who I am right now.

  • I give myself respect and admiration.

  • I know who I am and am on the path of my life mission.

  • I believe in myself.

  • I deserve love and respect from all those around me.

You can also use some essential oils as a help to open your solar plexus while you do the work to keep it open and functioning. Here are some that help and hold the vibration and frequency needed for the solar plexus to be open:

  • Ginger

  • Cinnamon

  • Clove

  • Lemon

  • Helichrysum

  • Spearmint

  • Fir

Wishing you all healing and growth through energy healing and chakra work. May your life force energy guide you toward the best next step to bring more joy, openness and understanding. Pace yourself and feel the joy of learning who you are. Namaste.

About the Author: Becky Jones is a holistic life coach, energy worker, reiki practitioner, and the owner of Becky Jones Wellness and BeJwled gemstone jewelry + healing products out of Chandler, Arizona. Through hard work and training, utilizing her intrinsic qualities and experiences, she specializes in helping people to identify and process emotional baggage, connect with others, and identify and achieve their personal goals. She helps others to more fully stand within their highest potential. Using unique tools she assists you in identifying the core issues that are causing distress, anxiety, illness and stress and helps you process through them in a gentle manner, getting you to your next step.

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