Discovering Yourself Through the Power of Gemstones

Over the years I have been magnetically drawn to gemstones. I thought the reason for the powerful draw I had to them was simple - they’re cool, amazingly beautiful, and designing unique jewelry pieces with them gave me a creative outlet. At first I thought it was simply all of the external pleasure they gave me that caused such an attraction, but I have more recently found that their power goes much deeper than what I can see. I have found that they also help me to feel calm, happy, creative, clear, and the list goes on. About 3 years ago, I was introduced to holistic health and healing. This included essential oils, energy work, and foot zone therapy. As I progressed in this field, I discovered a whole new appreciation for gemstones! It is as though the closet in my office packed full of gems suddenly came to life. I had so much more than beautiful rocks tucked away behind the door. Crystals and gems have always been loved and treasured throughout the ages. Our earth is alive and everything God created around us and through us is for our benefit, growth and learning. Minerals, herbs, oils, plants, rocks, trees, and water are all earth elements that we can use to grow and stay balanced and healthy. We can truly use all earth elements to help us on our life journey. Some things are given to sustain us, and others for our health and healing. Crystals were created as the earth formed and they have continued to change as the planet itself has evolved. Crystals are in essence like the earth’s DNA. (Crystal Bible, Vol. 1) There are more to gemstones than meets the eye. Through the generations, gemstones have had value for purposes other than beauty. For centuries, gemstones have been used for healing, attracting wealth, ensuring protection, and even to achieve a higher state of consciousness. (Gemstone, Energy Medicine) So, how do crystals and gems work? Science, through quantum physics, shows us that everything in our universe is energy. Universal law states that everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests, not a chair, a table, a blade of grass, a rock, even our thoughts and feelings hold a certain vibration. Each crystal or gemstone gives off it’s own unique subtle energy. The particular kind of energy emitted by a stone is determined by its internal crystalline structure and by the vibration of the atoms in each structure. This energy, although physical, is less obvious than heat, electricity, or mechanical energy. Like everything around us, they each hold their own unique vibration and frequency. By themselves, crystals and gemstones do not make you a miraculously perfect person. Instead, their profound energy helps you enhance your inner self. By making you more aware of the qualities you inherently possess and strengthening your gifts, crystals and gemstones help you make changes necessary for your progress. A gemstone or crystal is not going to magically change you if you don’t want it to. It is all about your intentions of allowing a gemstone to amplify an aspect of who you already are. Because of how perfectly they were created, crystals and gemstones have the ability to lift our spirits and to bring positivity to our lives, if we are open to them. I believe that crystals and gemstones awaken our spirits and can help us become our best selves. What is your favorite gemstone? Comment below and let me know what makes it special to you. Let's all share in the love of these beautiful stones that brighten up the world around us.

About the Author: Jeannie Olsen is a jewelry designer and owner of Vibe Gems and Jewelry out of Highland, Utah.

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