The Sacred Sacral | 7 Chakras in 7 Weeks

Welcome to your sacral chakra. This chakra is associated with processing energy within the emotional, sensual, and creativity body. The location of the sacral chakra is about three inches below the navel, at the center of your lower belly. In the back, it’s located at the level of the lumbar vertebrae. It expands internally through the genital area, especially at the level of ovaries for women and the testicles for men. Opening this Chakra helps you to feel the world moving around and through you.

Unfortunately, too many of us have had more inappropriate and shameful conversation about what this center regulates than healthy ones. Today I want to speak maturely about the beauty of what we are meant to experience here, and with as much respect and sensitivity and honor as possible with such a personal and private subject.

This center is where our quality of love for our sexual partner resides. The giving and receiving of physical, mental and spiritual pleasure. Pleasure is often only associated with carnal desires, but if it is experienced in a healthy way, pleasure is actually a very spiritual and sacred feeling. One that we should revere and honor.

When we experience pleasure in this way (this includes mental and spiritual along with physical), it has a magical effect on our "oneness" with our partner. It can create a type of communion that is so precious, and reaches within us beyond our physical selves. A true soul to soul connection and oneness with each other. It is through this healthy connection of love, respect, commitment, and gratitude for your partner's uniqueness, that we are able to reach the wedding of both the spiritual and physical relationship of two separate human beings. In those moments, we are able to feel such a deep and powerful connection with our higher selves and power, and are able to feel a uniting with divinity.

To achieve this, the first step is to have this center open. And that means:

1.) Be willing to not be in control

2.) Have a balance of sometimes being receptive, and sometimes being active (in spiritual, mental, as well as physical pleasure)

One of the main causes of not being open here, is FEAR of your partner's power. Let go of the fear, and choose to trust and be open.

If your center is open:

1.) Be gentle, patient, and caring.

2.) Accept them for who they are right now, even if they never change- love them unconditionally.

If you are the one that has the fear and therefor an under active sacral center:

1.) You can over come the fear by facing it. Don't let it rule you.

2.) Find the images from which such feelings come. (The energy work that I offer is a huge help with this type of processing and healing.)

Your fear could stem from:

1.) Social or physical abuse

2.) Neglect

3.) Denial of feelings

4.) Emotionally unavailable parents.

You may also be "too open", over active in this area. Some signs are:

1) Pleasure addictions

2) Excessive emotions

3) Very sensitive

4) Emotionally dependent

Often you will get two opposite partners, and need to help each other balance. This is the beauty of the yin and yang that we are all drawn to. Recognize where you are but also recognize where your partner is at and be patient, kind, gentle, understanding, and loving with them. Work on deepening your connection with them spiritual, emotionally, mentally, and physically (both in a sexual and non-sexual way). If you pray, or meditate or use affirmations, add this intention to your practice. I wish you all the joy and beauty that comes through a healthy and balanced energy flow.

About the Author: Becky Jones is a holistic life coach, energy worker, reiki practitioner, and the owner of Becky Jones Wellness and BeJwled gemstone jewelry + healing products out of Chandler, Arizona. Through hard work and training, utilizing her intrinsic qualities and experiences, she specializes in helping people to identify and process emotional baggage, connect with others, and identify and achieve their personal goals. She helps others to more fully stand within their highest potential. Using unique tools she assists you in identifying the core issues that are causing distress, anxiety, illness and stress and helps you process through them in a gentle manner, getting you to your next step.

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