Let's Get Our Chakras On | 7 Chakras in 7 Weeks

Welcome to our very first article! To kick us off we are going to be posting 7 articles in 7 weeks. Have you been in a yoga class recently and heard some talk about opening your third eye or your heart chakra? Well allow us to offer this complimentary guide to help your figure out what the heck they are all talking about. And even if you are a seasoned chakra pro, I promise these articles will be worthwhile and intriguing.

Your energy centers, also known as your chakras, are invisible rotating cones, located just in front of certain parts of the body and associated with parts of the spine. Each center brings a specific type of energy from the outside world (or the universal energy field) into you (or your personal energy field), and vice versa. The centers work to vitalize your auric body (the part of you/your energy that radiates around you), which vitalizes your physical body. They also are the key to developing different aspects of self-consciousness are the portals in which energy is transmitted between your different auric layers.

The 7 major energy centers are formed at the points over the body where the standing lines of light cross each other 21 times. There are also 21 minor chakras that are located at points where the energy strands cross 14 times. Two of these minor chakra points, the ones located in the palms of the hands, are very important in healing. Where the strands of light cross 7 times, even smaller vortices are created. These can very well be associated with the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.

The key in doing chakra work is to be patient with yourself. I find this is true for all self assessment and growth. We are meant to learn line upon line, here a little and there a little. There is simply just too much energy that is flowing through us to deal with all of the consciousness associated with that energy. Taking this into consideration, I encourage each of you to take these articles in as a type of learning at first, and then assess where you could use the most growth, or feel out which center you are drawn to and begin your work there. Take time to process the material and integrate this new information into your life.

Learning about our energy centers, assessing if they are functioning properly, and doing appropriate work to balance them, gives us more love, connection, peace, and joy. If these centers are malfunctioning, low functioning, or over functioning, it can wreak all sorts of havoc within ourselves and ultimately lead to physical sickness.

We've made it through, and now have some basic knowledge to get us started with our 7 chakras in 7 weeks. Each of these energy center articles will help you to do a little self assessment and also help you to discover how your functioning on each level. Check back in tomorrow as we delve into the first chakra or "root" energy center. Until then, sending you much love + light.

Sources: Radionics and the Subtle Bodies of Man, Dr. David Tansley, Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan,

About the Author: Becky Jones is an energy worker, reiki practitioner, and the owner of Becky Jones Energy Work out of Southern California. She is also certified in the Five Keystones of Health masters program.


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